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HR policy

To make sure customers are satisfied with our products and service, employees have opportunities to realize their values and we can create wealth for society. We are uncompromising in accordance with human-centered management. We let our employees do what they are good at, and we trust and respect them. We unite our associates by culture, motivate them by mechanism, and lead them by rules. We treat our staff with a grateful heart. All of us work with pioneering spirit. Every employee fulfills his/her duties, and they together serve Paite. Those are our ideas and manners. Only being united, we can create value and bring innovative ideas and development for Paite. Meanwhile, our service has won us praise and reputation. We serve customers wholeheartedly and we mean what we say. We are a charming team both to employees and to customers. For them, we take an attitude of friendliness, openness and coordination.